Not only the screenshots are similar - Nyrthos draws a lot of influence from the Diablo and Gothic series. Killing monsters, leveling, learning new skills / abilities and looting is indeed the core of the game.

We are also to borrowing mechanics from other genres, and trying to make them work in our world. You will be able to build certain structures and manage resources and do other stuff quite uncommon in RPGs.

On of our key ideas is an expanding world; we would like to craft a story together with our players; based on their votes and actions. Though this might prove to be a near impossible task, we are very excited to try.

Our game also features a day / night / weather cycle that strongly impacts the game world; simply put, the night is very dark and deadly, so many actions have to be performed during the day. The cycle influences enemies, spawnable items and resources, events and other stuff. We love it!

We used to use software Flash. It was very slow. Imagine something slow. SW flash was slower than that. Using Stage 3D/Flash allows us to use your devices' graphics cards. What it means is that the visuals will be much smoother and nicer, with more effects, eye-candy, animations.. and possibly even postprocessing.

Using the graphics card also helps to lower the performance load of the processor immensely; this allows us to make smarter enemies, area effects and explosions and other cool stuff that will hopefully make the game better. Or, at least will give us more options!

At this time, we are getting ready to launch the alpha - we are really looking forward to player reactions. We are starting on PC and MAC to test the waters. We will definitely release the final game on all announced platforms (Android, iOS), but will only consider the alpha for these platforms if there is enough interest.

The Alpha will not contain all the planned features, but hey, we've gotta start somewhere! The first goal is to nail the basic mechanics - fighting, crafting, exploring, looting. In the future, the world will expand; not only with more content, but we also plan to add multiplayer, platform connection and other awesome stuff.